Looking For America's Dog


Vice President Joe Biden left the gate open at the White House and America's Dog(Bo) has gone missing. Mom is mad and dad is busy, so now it's up to the kids to find him.

Where 2012's Barack Hussein Obama meditated on the challenges of modern adulthood, Looking For America's Dog focuses instead on the youth of today. Teenagers Sasha and Malia navigate an increasingly strange and hostile world in search of their lost dog. But is a lost dog ever really just a lost dog? Like, what if it's not America's Dog that's lost but America itself? Did you ever think of that??


"Looking For America’s Dog is a staggering work of political satire with an experimental edge that follows the lives of an alternate-universe Obama family in a chaotic New America..." Broken Frontier

"What does it mean? I don’t know. All I know is that Weissman’s Obama comics are funny, almost as funny as they are weird. And in these days, we can use all the funny we can get." - Comics Alliance

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