What Part of Peeping Over My Sunglasses Don't You Understand?

Barack Hussein Obama tattoo on Amber Adams

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ATTN COLLECTORS: NEW Barack Hussein Obama pages are On Sale HERE. See also Scott Eder Gallery has a couple of pieces from Book 1

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my favorite photo, by Swamp Titan.

One of DRAWN's "Favourite Comics, Art Books and More of 2012"
Ranked #2 (tie) on Boing-Boing's "Best Damn Comics of the Year" survey

20TH Place: Best Comics of 2012 at Comic Book Resources


for Comics Alliance

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with Ink Studs

or Beneath The Surface (KPFK)

what KPCC

in The Writing Disorder


"...astounding and great. Highly recommend this book" Lisa Hanawalt (My Dirty Dumb Eyes)

"befuddling and wry and supremely weird. I loved it!! ..." Ryan Sands (Youth In Decline)

"wow. this is really stupid." Diane Arredondo, Pinterest

THE ONION: Barack Hussein Obama is a strange and frequently very funny book...

PASTE MAGAZINE:  ...weirdly accurate and sympathetic...

Las Vegas Weekly: ...meandering, poetic, almost meditative...

Comic Book Resources: ...Hey, this thing is a work of art...

Los Angeles I'm Yours: ...The work is obviously a Tea Partiers fantasy...

Publishers Weekly: part giddy and three parts puzzled...

Comic Book Slut: ...Barack Hussein Obama. Like a mantra or a curse. Barack Hussein Obama...

Now Read This...Spiky, acerbic, tellingly mundane and captivatingly absurdist...

"BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA is a challenging and idiosyncratic book that describes its subject from a great, absurd, and comic distance. It’s closer to the kind of associative resonance of poetry than what you would expect of a book called BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA..." More by D. Harbin at DRAWN

ALSO available for Digital Download at COMIXOLOGY

JUST IN: Barack Hussein Obama Stinckers!

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PLEASE order Barack Hussein Obama today. It is FOR REAL

What does it mean to live in America today? Barack Hussein Obama is a book about you; your country, your family, your president.

Barack Hussein Obama is not a graphic novel. It’s neither a biography nor an experiment, but a whole, complete reality.  American cartoonist Steven Weissman takes from life the leader of the free world, his friends, his family, his sworn enemies, and gives them new life through this expression of honesty, purity and feeling.

Ao Meng at The Daily Texan writes Immediately attention grabbing… This comic isn’t afraid to get weird and builds humorous private characterizations of these ridiculously public figures."

Kevin Czapiewski from calls Barack Hussein Obama "a beautifully poetic (and haunting) comment on our country’s current situation."

Every American must read Barack Hussein Obama. Everyone else, too.

"Barack Hussein Obama is brave, smart, humane, exciting and funny." – Bill Kartalopoulos


Owen Schumacher said...

In case your mom never told you, you're a genius. Just so you know.

WEISSMAN said...

My mother knows I'd never buy it, but thanks for the compliment!

thistimewithpanache said...

Are there going to be copies of the new book at the Charles Shulz Museum? I can't wait!

WEISSMAN said...

I don't know. You should come anyway because it's the Schulz museum and that's more than a good enough reason to hang out with me.

Emily said...


Emily said...

I just visited the Schulz Museum, Steven! It was so quaint. Let us know immediately when BHO is available for purchase, and I will share the shit out of it.

WEISSMAN said...

you are a True Pal, Emily! I know that you can peddle some influence and I appreciate it.

Owen Schumacher said...

A lot of the reviews coming in use adjectives that came to my mind, as well. Except unlike those jerks at The Onion A.V. Club, I tuned into your blog weekly as it unfolded. I’M HARDCORE, WEISSMAN. Still, I’ve been delinquent in buying the book. Soon to own! Oh, and I should get you to sign my Chubby Cheeks one day. (What a great sentence.)

WEISSMAN said...

not many critics offer the kind of sustained support you do, Owen, and I will always appreciate that!

Get the book and I will make for it the nicest decoration.. THANKS !!

Owen Schumacher said...

Beautiful, sir! Roger that.

Mariam said...

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